Nature Nourishes Exhibit at ArtSpace Hartford, now through August 26th

The Nature Nourishes Exhibit, a group exhibition curated by Lori Robeau and Karen Talbot has taken root at ArtSpace Hartford, 555 Ayslum Street, with 22 artists from across the nation. This show runs until August 26th, gallery hours are Monday through Friday, 3-8, and Saturday and Sunday, 12-4. Free and open to the public.

Here are some pictures I took of artist and herbalist Karen Talbot’s work during her Artist Talk and Weed Walk yesterday. I just LOVE Karen’s style . . .

Weeds as Food and Medicine. Entrees at the table include Evening Primrose, Jewelweed, Stinging Nettles, Wood Sorrel, Violet, Mugwort, Queen Anne's Lace (aka Wild Carrot) and Plantain. The centerpiece is Dandelion.

Grass and crystal chandelier.

Beautiful display of wild weeds in oils and as tinctures.

Karen Talbot reveals some of her secrets for getting wild in the kitchen.

Karen's homemade Stinging Nettles iced tea helps restore the adrenals, stabilizes blood sugar, and lessens allergic and menopausal problems. Just what i need!

Karen's homemade Sumac iced tea, so delicious!

Karen takes us on a Weed Walk behind ArtSpace, my back yard.

garlic mustard

We find some garlic mustard!

Sampling Karen's homemade Dandelion wine.

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  1. Marco Ditata Mayerin says:

    Mind blowing, just fantastic!!!

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